College Work
Graphic, 3d and Editorial Design

Cinema 4d (Redshift)
Marvelous Designer
Substance Painter
Dall · 2 (Family Members)

This project consists in the creation of an alter-ego, as well as his detailed work and biography. 

“Cosmo currently 24 years old, works in the fashion design business creating clothes for women. He has always worked with fabric his whole life because of his grandmother; it was just a hobby but found a connection with a degree in Design that he took in 2019, in Lisbon, and continues to work in part-time as a tourist guide in a museum.”

Cosmo’s Studio Room

Magazine Covers

Cosmo does his own Fashion Magazines, since he is still new to the industry and an aspiring artist and designer. He asked for help from his best friend, Dadí, so she can be the primary model for his fashions sets and covers that he makes. At the moment he only has three editions: Streetwear, Nature Influences and Japan.


Throughout the years, Cosmo illustrated his feelings and visions every day since his father passed away. It always was in an abstract form, quite similar to a Rorschach. He started publishing small books with his “Rorschach” illustrations, in a way that other people can read and understand them in different ways.

Model Construction

cosmo build

Height - 1,68m
Weight - 65Kg
Hair - Dark Brown
Eyes - Brown

Dadí build

Height - 1,71m
Weight - 63Kg
Hair - Brown Blonde 
Eyes - Blue

Family Members

︎Manuel “Takao” Katō - Father

︎Hermínia Mota Carmo  - Mother

︎Afonso Mota Carmo  - Uncle
︎Hugo Rafael Carmo - Cousin

︎Katō Toru - Grandfather 
︎Ryko Sugamora - Grandmother

︎Júlio Silva Conceição Carmo - Grandfather
︎Maria Ferreira Mota - Grandmother


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